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How to get youtube unblocked with free proxies online

Did you know you can unblock YouTube with proxies? If you like in the united states, you might be wondering, why in the world do I need to unblock YouTube when its not blocked? There are some countries around the world that are not so fortunate when it comes to unrestricted internet access. Some of these countries have governments that like to control what their people and don’t want outside influences to change that. Their solution is to use country wide internet web filters to block certain sites like YouTube that offer freedom of speech and thought. Its actually not that hard to get around these annoying restrictions. Back in the early 2000s there was a website called vtunnel.com that kinda took the world by storm. It was the first of its kind. Before that, there were not many web proxy sites that could play youtube.com videos. This functionality came around at the right time. Around that same time the country turkey banned videos from being played anywhere in their country. People quickly decided to find a way around this. Vtunnel was the solution. After this, lots of other similar sites popped up. Now with cellphones everything is much more different. There are other methods to getting around blocked websites. That however is a story for another blog post. But to get to the point, if you are ever at a place where you have restricted internet access go and search for web proxy servers. You will find a ton of them and they are really easy to use. It might just help you kill a bit of time if you are bored.

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