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Best 116 Unblocked Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers List
Best 140+ Free Proxy Sites - Free Proxy Servers List 2016 Are you looking for fast loading unblocked proxy sites list ? Yes sometimes we often face problems in accessing particular websites, either the site is blocked or it shows web page is not available. One of the best way to deal with this situations is to use use proxy servers or proxy sites. Proxy sites are used to surf the web anonymously & are also use to unblock blocked websites. Yeah you can also use VPN, but as you know most of them are not free.
So I have compiled a list of unblocked proxy sites that let you visit blocked websites in schools and collages with ease. All the proxy server that I have provided are trusted and works great. As you may know many proxy sites contains malwares, viruses & are able to steal your sensitive information. but don’t worry all the sites that I have provided are safe to use.

How proxy servers works ?

If you want to know how proxy sites works then its very simple, it’s a 3 step process..

1 – First you visit a website using your favorite proxy site.
2 – Now the proxy site will mask your IP address with its own IP address, this helps to maintain your anonymity on the web
3 – After the masking process is completed, Now whenever you visit a website lets say Facebook, then Facebook will not be able to get your IP address & location instead it will get the proxy servers IP address & location.

That’s the reason its mostly not recommended to use proxy servers on social networking sites because it may ask you to verify your account as you have logged in from a different IP or location.

As many proxy sites are blocked in schools or offices so I have decided to start with proxy server sites that are not so popular so that it wouldn’t be blocked in your schools or offices. Here a list of free unblocked proxy server sites 2016.

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