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Facebook is arguably the most popular social network in the world. It has completely transformed how we communicate, relate and share information with family members and close associates. Teenagers and children in general, have been greatly accused of spending too much time on social media sites at the expense of their education. It is important to note that Facebook is not only a communication and networking site; it can be effectively used to educate, deliver information faster, and motivate users as it allows sharing of experiences. Despite its numerous known and undiscovered benefits, most schools and universities are currently blocking Facebook and other social sites on grounds that they are a distraction to the learning process.

As pointed out, Facebook can also be an educational tool if properly utilized. So there is no need to vilify the whole student community by blocking Facebook just because a few students cannot manage their time well. To salvage the situation one can use a VPN service provider to access the blocked sites while still on campus.

Ways which Universities/Schools Block Certain Websites

  1. DNS Poisoning. Take for instance that you intend to access Facebook in your browser. To facilitate this, your computer needs to locate the IP address of one of Facebook’s servers. To locate the IP address your computer will carry out a ‘DNS lookup’ by connecting to your ISP, Internet Service Provider, to get the IP address. In case the institution has blocked Facebook; the server will automatically send falsified or wrong IP, commonly referred to as ‘poisoned IP’. This will usually lead you to nowhere, hence you’ll get an error message from your web browser.
  2. Access Block to Specific IPs: In addition to the above method, other institutions use ISPs to block network connections of specific IP addresses of target websites. Hence, even if you get access to a non-poisoned DNS server and find the correct IP address, you may still not be able to connect without a virtual private network.

So how does a VPN service help to unblock Facebook?

The service provider connects you to a DNS server outside your area or region without censorship. Subsequently, your access to Facebook is unblocked.

A VPN service provider allows you to circumvent this barrier by creating an encrypted network tunnel linking their servers to your computer. In regards to this, information and commands sent through the tunnel cannot be viewed by the censors. For instance, if you request the IP address of Facebook, the request will first be encrypted and go through the tunnel to the service provider servers, then proceed to Facebook servers through the uncensored network. Facebook’s IP address then flows freely in the reverse direction to you.

It is important to note that web proxies and other Hide IP apps cannot guard your computer against DNS poisoning. In Summary a VPN service offers a secured Internet connection that guarantees privacy, security and freedom. Therefore banning Facebook is actually pointless, and the debate should be more on how to integrate social media in a learning environment for personal and academic benefit. But in the meantime, a VPN service can just work!

Source: www.cactusvpn.com

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