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Youtube proxy is a tool to bypass Internet censorship. It enables you to use all Youtube videos. You can use it on your MacBook, Linux computer, Windows computer and even on a smartphone and a tablet. Generally, our free Youtube proxy works on every device that has an ability to browse the Internet. An active Internet connection is indispensable to benefit from using our Youtube proxy server of course. Users from all over the world can use our unblock Youtube proxy and enjoy the most popular official videos clips on Youtube of the bands and artists like Metallica, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Depeche Mode, AC/DC or Lady Gaga.

Although, a free Youtube proxy does not have the encryption the VPN can offer. NordVPN’s VPN is like a private tunnel in the Internet. A great thing is that only you would have an access to that tunnel. The tunnel is secured by the most solid encryption that only NordVPN offers. Even a free Youtube proxy does not have such protection against the privacy invaders. You ask how do we secure your connection? Our experienced technical team has engineered an amazing service with an unbreakable AES-256bit encryption. Even military that has a lot of top-secret files use such encryption to secure data.

Unlike a free Youtube proxy it is not necessary to use an Internet browser to benefit from using the VPN. It secures your whole network that encrypts not even your browser data but also the traffic of every single software on your computer that uses an Internet connection. Software like Avast Free Premium, Skype, FileZilla, KMPlayer and many more other benefit from using the VPN because every single packet sent is encrypted. There would be no data packet sent not through our VPN tunnel. This unfortunately is not possible when using Youtube proxy server.

Connection speeds also is a sensible matter here. As an unblock Youtube proxy is a free service, a lot of Internet users use it. It may put a heavy load on a Youtube proxy server which sometimes results in a slow connection speed. However, here at NordVPN we do offer server speeds up to 1GBPS with many locations around the globe. Moreover, unblock youtube proxy cannot offer the connection stability that our VPN does. Our custom software has an automatic reconnection feature which triggers if the VPN connection drops. In that way NordVPN allows you to stream online videos without interruptions.

What may also concern a Youtube proxy user is the bandwidth and speed limits on a Youtube proxy server. We would like to make this clear to you and let you know that NordVPN does not monitor, limit or in any other way trying to block your connection speeds. Moreover, bandwidth is unlimited as well which enables you to watch as many Youtube videos as you like. It may sometimes not be possible with the Youtube proxy server.

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