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Web Proxy Definition:

To understand what and how a web proxy works, it basically acts as a shield between the user and the site being visited, this way a user can access a website and still keep their identity private and concealed. When a user uses a web proxy, he is not connecting to the website and instead the web proxy does the job for him.

To simplify Web Proxy:

A web proxy lets a user browse the internet without giving out their IP address information through the help of a server. It provides a level of privacy for the user by masking their information from the websites they are visiting.

A web proxy represents someone to be recognized as another entity on your behalf. This enables you to visit various websites from your location but not be detected accessing from your network.

Web proxies are very helpful for individuals with limited access to websites such as Youtube, Facebook, etc prohibited by network administrators or parents. When you use a proxy website, you are not directly visiting the website you wish to visit but you are anonymously surfing through a proxy website which then visits the website for you.

For example, you are accessing a website that is not allowed in your area due to network restrictions. Through a web proxy, you will be able to visit the website conveniently without being detected.

This is a simple illustration:

Not everyone needs a web proxy. But it is inevitable for some people to use a web proxy. For example, a website is not accessible for a particular country, with the help of proxy website, you will be able to access the website at least for short period of time.

what is a web proxyFor security reasons, this is to hide your location from being detected. If you have a very strict administrators or parents, you can bypass their network restrictions and be able to access the internet without limits.

For saving purposes, you need to use web proxy if you want to save your bandwidth data. Because when using web proxy, you are not directly visiting the website but loading the most recent cached of the web proxy server.

Using a web proxy is not as useless as you think. It is not only to hide your identity but it was designed to help you. Web proxies are designed to enable you from unblocking websites such as Facebook, Youtube and a few more that are commonly set to prohibited from accessing by network administrators.

But the undeniable importance of web proxy is to help you save your bandwidth data and at the same time, improve the speed of loading pages. This happens because web proxy servers always cache web pages for fastest browsing experience of individuals who are using their servers.

Also, privacy is vital in today’s internet niche. It is now easy to get information that can land into wrong hands. A web proxy resolves privacy-related problems users encounter while browsing to various websites in the internet. Users can hide their IP address, geographical locations and prevent cookies to be stored in their devices through web proxy.

Web proxy is a users’ security especially when they are conducting their business and personal matters using the internet, it sends a different user agent for your web browser to stay unidentified. A user can also bypass internet censorship, and let a user access restricted websites.

Web proxy works like a remote computer which sets up forwarding of arbitrary data through a connection. When a user tries to connect on the internet and visits a website, a web proxy forwards the request to a targeted server which is the site and gathers information from it back to the user. The website can only determine the web proxy’s IP address and not the users’.

The process of how a web proxy work is very simple. It is not difficult to understand technically because it is a very straightforward and systematic approach.

It all start with crawling. Web proxies have crawlers to visit the websites on the internet and they save cache version of the website they visit at all times into their database servers.

Which then when clients use a web proxy, they will firstly see a cached version of the page which makes the surfing way faster. For example, if a web proxy server has already cached a page and a visitor requests the cached page, the amount of time to waiting for the page to be fully loaded will be shortened.

Without a doubt. Web proxies are free. You can search online for free proxy and you will see a good list of available proxy sites you can use. The most popular proxy is Whoer.net. I have tested this proxy more than 20 times and I succeeded without a fail. Some proxy websites may not be able to do what other proxy website can but each proxy server has different approach.

Source: www.justwebproxy.com

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