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Facebook's role in global society is getting beyond serious. What was once simply a social networking site has lately evolved into a platform for advertising, promotion and news media; a channel for music and video entertainment; and even a hub for political activism. With a user base approaching 1 billion (1/7 of the world's population), never before has one single medium connected so many people towards so many ends. Precisely because of its popularity, Facebook has also suffered an increasing amount of censorship – in countries, offices, schools, universities and even family homes. However, in true Newtonian fashion, for every force blocking access, there is an equal and opposing force looking to unblock Facebook.

Although to date there have been a number of answers to the oft-asked question, How do I fool system censoring the internet? really there are only two main technologies that are consistently reliable in allowing you to bypass internet restrictions and unblock Facebook login page. The first is by means of a CGI proxy server site (aka online proxy servers, website anonymizers, or proxy website); the second, through an anonymous VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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