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NHL.TV Blackout Bypass Unblock – VPN or DNS Proxy ?

Bypass NHL.TV Blackout - Unblock with VPN or DNS Proxy ?NOTE : The fix below also helps Canadian users to bypass the online restriction imposed where you can only signup for Rogers Gamecenter. Using this you will get the original NHL.TV and not some Rogers limited version.

Note 2 : If you dont want to read the below, either get Smart DNS by going to Unlocator, or get a VPN connection and connect to server in Brazil or Mexico. End of story, that should fix it.

NHL.TV Blackout Bypass Unblock – VPN or DNS Proxy ? – Register First

If you already have a NHL.TV subscription and you are facing game center blackouts on your favorite hockey games jump to the next paragraphs please. If you do NOT have a NHL.TV subscription yet, you need to get one. Depending on your location and whether NHL.TV is supported in your country of residence you might not be able to register for NHL.TV. If that is the case, please do see the below and use either VPN or the Smart DNS proxy solution to register. You can either use your Apple ID to signup through your Apple device or register here. One thing to note is that Blackouts also occur within the same country, I.e. if you are in the US and your favorite team is playing it might well be that your NHL game will be blacked out. The supported devices for NHL.TV are “Android, Apple TV, Blackberry, iphone, ipod, ipad, playstation, roku, xbox 360, Sony devices” all of these devices, can be supported using the solutions below. It really depends on your setup though.

NHL.TV Blackout Bypass Unblock – Use VPN

The idea of VPN or Virtual Private Network, is that it allows you to tunnel your traffic encrypted to a remote server in another country. This allows you to watch Netflix USA or UK or sites in any other country the VPN server is located in. To Unblock NHL.TV blackouts you need to choose a VPN server in a country where the hockey game you want to watch is not broadcasted on TV. Countries like Brazil and Mexico work fine. You have to use a VPN service that does have those locations. is the one I use because it has servers in almost every part of the world including Brazil and Mexico. A few more notes on unblocking NHL gamecenter blackouts using VPN can be found below :

  • VPN will encrypt all your traffic, so no one can actually listen to or intercept your traffic.
  • VPN will natively support PC/MAC/Android and other devices. Apple TV for example does not natively support VPN, so you either have to get a VPN router that does VPN to get all your devices to use VPN or you have to use a Smart DNS Proxy for unsupported devices.
  • You can do the setup and switch between regions using the VPN app in minutes after signup. do provide apps for IOS – Android – Mac and Windows

There are other VPN services that allow you to bypass NHL.TV Blackouts.

Unblock NHL.TV Blackout – Use Smart DNS Proxy

Unlocator is the Smart DNS proxy service I personally use. NOT all Smart DNS proxy services to provide unblock services, so make sure NHL.TV blackout unblocking is supported if you choose another service. A good Smart DNS proxy does not affect all your traffic, it only redirects the relevant portions of your traffic. Please see the below for more info on Smart DNS proxies :

  • Your traffic is not actually hidden or encrypted, in return however your local services and channels wont be affected
  • ALL your devices are supported, all you need to do is change the DNS server on the devices you want to support or setup your router with the Smart DNS IP addresses to setup all devices in your network.
  • If your ISP redirects your DNS traffic a.k.a. DNS hijacking or Transparent proxies you need to use VPN.
  • Setup is easy, it takes minutes to get up and running.

NHL.TV Blackout Unblocked – Enjoy the action !

I hope either or a did unblock NHL.TV blackouts for your and you are able to enjoy your favorite NHL Hockey games now without any regional or location restrictions. If it is Xbox, PS, Android Iphone, Ipad or your Apple TV please comment on the results !

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