How to Unblock Facebook Without Proxy?

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How to unblock facebook without proxy number |

Internet access is available in most parts of the world, everyone is connected more than ever, but In some countries and regions, access to social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are blocked and restricted.
Such countries as Turkey and China censored the Internet in order to prevent their citizens from accessing websites or content which government finds dangerous or inappropriate. The list of such countries also includes Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, North Korea. Countries like Ethiopia also block social media due to political reasons and explain that such websites distract students attention.

It might be a problem not only for citizens of such countries but also for tourists. When you travel abroad and you need to get in touch with your colleagues, family or friends but you understand that you are in a Geo-restricted country do not despair there is always a way.

There are two easy and safe ways how to unblock Facebook and you will be able to communicate with people and feel yourself like at home. include all kind of services which will help you to unblock |Facebook and a lot of other benefits.

2 fast and simple ways to unblock Facebook

First way to unblock Facebook

Install Privatoria Proxy extension for your browser and have a wide range of servers all over the world. It will take less than a minute to click on your Proxy extension and change the country to the one where Facebook is available. It is so easy that even a child can do it.

Second way to unblock Facebook

Install a Secure VPN connection which gives you not only access to blocked websites but also encrypts your data from throttling.

  • Install VPN connecting to a server where Facebook is allowed
  • Open your browser and enjoy using Facebook.

At the same time, you can enjoy the benefits of using all our services including Tor integrated services like Proxy + Tor, VPN +Tor which allow you to access the dark web without Tor browser and get double encryption.

unblock Facebook in Geo-restricted countries and at the same time stay secure and anonymous online, encrypt your data from throttling and enjoy the freedom of Internet access in all parts of the world.


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