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The Top 10 Best Proxy Sites to Unblock Websites

You were unable to access a website when the administrator has blocked that particular site. But it can be unblocked by using proxy sites. There were many free proxy sites to unblock the website. You can also create your own proxy site which will be one of the best ways to unblock any blocked site. Creating your own proxy site will be more beneficial as the administrator cannot block the unknown proxy. You must use only secure proxy sites to unblock websites. Use proxy sites to visually be inherent in on another network and bypass web block. While using proxy sites your browser privacy is at risk, any website can track your activities. So, hide your IP and route your internet traffic through the proxy server. Here we also shared details about encrypts communications between user and proxy site. Let’s see ten magical proxy sites.


Fliterbypass is very easy to use and it is a free proxy site where we can unblock any website as our wish. On this site, there is an URL box where we can enter the link of website which we want to access. After that, it will be opened in a new tab.

2. is second positioning proxy sites in this list. It is a free proxy site. As they give the option to manage cookies. We can manage cookies in this proxy site. And one of the best positive things in this website is that it can be accessed on mobile browser too.


In the homepage of, there is an URL box where we had to enter the website of the page we want to unlock. It is also one of the best proxy sites to unblock the website.


It has a good design and was easy to use. The URL box is there on the homepage where we had to enter the URL to be unblocked. This site always shows true results.


It is totally a different proxy site. On the home page, there are complete details of proxy servers and why it should be used. In the sidebar there is list of best proxy servers we can choose one of them.

6. is a paid proxy site. If you want a complete professional work then this would be my first preference proxy site. They also give three days trial.


It is a free proxy site which has an URL box in homepage along with an IP address with their location.


It is free proxy sites. They also provide us the option that whether the script should be removed or not. It also unblocks the blocked site in no time.


It is a proxy site with simple design and a brief detail of proxy servers. It has an URL box on its homepage. There is an option to remove cookies in this proxy site.


It is last proxy site here, but not least. It is similar to They display all the working proxy servers around the globe on their homepage.


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