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Use Smart DNS with PS4 to Unlock Content


Playstation 4 (PS4) is an advanced gaming console, competing with the likes of Nintendo Wii U and Xbox One. Since its launch in November 2013, it has continued providing gamers with an incredible gaming experience. It uses start-of-the art technology, including some of the latest features in the gaming world. Apart from that, you can use it as a streaming device, enabling you to watch all your favorite movies and shows.

However, there is one problem to all your video streaming and gaming experience. You will always encounter unwanted infiltrations in your network, attempting to take unfair advantage and thus destroy your gameplay. Moreover, there are geo-restrictions prohibiting you from accessing the PlayStation store as well as some streaming websites. This is where smart DNS proxies and VPNs come in.

Unlocking Content through PS4

There are two main means of unblocking geo-restricted websites as well as enhance your gaming experience. You can either use a smart DNS or VPN services. Each method has its benefits and setbacks, although most people tend to favor smart DNS proxies for this type of work.

Using VPNs

Using VPNs for PS4 can be useful in overcoming various security problems experienced online. It can also boost your gaming experience. VPN services work by enhancing internet security by obscuring the identity of the user from the outside world. This is achieved through numerous servers positioned around the world, and provided by the PS4 VPN provider. Once you connect to any of the servers, they immediately mask your original IP address.

For example, if you want to stream Netflix using your PS4 and you are not in the US, your IP address will appear as if you are in the US. This way, you will operate anonymously and hidden to unscrupulous individuals attempting to disrupt your gaming experience using DDoS attacks. Apart from that, these servers will enable you to remove all geo-restrictions as well as accessing streaming websites like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go and Netflix, among others. Some VPNs that you can use with PS4 to unlock content include IPVanish, ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, Iron Socket, and Pure VPN, just to name a few.

Using Smart DNS

Use of smart DNS with PS4 to unlock content is one of the best methods and most preferred. It helps to solve all issues related to geo-restrictions. Some people confuse smart DNS with VPNs, since they tend to serve the same function. However, they are quite different when it comes to operational procedures.

A smart DNS sends packets of data via a smart DNS proxy servers, based in desired locations. They then provide the location verification details, required by the website. This enables you to access and stream all your favorite content, from movies to TV shows as well as documentaries, on your PS4. This is done with the help of various entertainment apps such as Hulu, Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, as well as HBO Go, among others. One of the main benefits of using smart DNS proxies with PS4, is that it provides uninterrupted, unlimited and lightning fast streaming since it does not interfere with your internet speeds.

On the other hand, VPNs tend to encrypt data first, before it can be sent through servers. This makes them much slower as compared to smart DNS. The only issue with smart DNS is that it does not protect you from various threats as well as malicious software encountered online. To overcome this, you can combine smart DNS with VPNs, to have a fast and reliable means of unlocking content on PS4. This way, you will surf anonymously and remain hidden from the threats present online.

There are various smart DNS services available, that you can use on PS4 to unlock content. One of the best smart DNS for PS4 is Smart DNS Proxy. It enables you to access content from different geo-restricted channels. It is also compatible with various operating systems as well as numerous devices. Other alternatives include Smart DNS Proxy Service, ibDNS, Iron Socket, and TrickByte.

Bottom Line

Before using smart DNS on PS4, you need to know that it cannot be configured directly on your gaming console. However, there are various tutorials and instructional material available online for this type of work. You can also call in a technician who understands the procedure. Once everything is set up, you are ready to stream unlimited and uninterrupted content using your PS4, regardless of your geographical location.


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