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7 Parameters for Web Server Plug-Ins
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(new name for HungServerRecoverSecs)


Defines the amount of time the plug-in waits for a response to a request from WebLogic Server. The plug-in waits for WLIOTimeoutSecs for the server to respond and then declares that server dead, and fails over to the next server. The value should be set to a very large value. If the value is less than the time the servlets take to process, then you may see unexpected results.

Minimum value: 10

Maximum value: Unlimited

Oracle HTTP Server

Oracle iPlanet Web Server

Apache HTTP Server

Microsoft IIS


(Required when proxying to a cluster of WebLogic Servers, or to multiple non-clustered servers.)


The WebLogicCluster parameter is required to proxy a list of back-end servers that are clustered, or to perform load balancing among non-clustered managed server instances.

List of WebLogic Servers that can be used for load balancing. The server or cluster list is a list of host:port entries. If a mixed set of clusters and single servers is specified, the dynamic list returned for this parameter will return only the clustered servers.

The syntax for specifying the value of this parameter varies depending on the web server for which you are configuring the plug-in. For more information, see the following:

If you are using SSL between the plug-in and WebLogic Server, set the port number to the SSL listen port and set the SecureProxy parameter to ON.

The plug-in does a simple round-robin between all available servers. The server list specified in this property is a starting point for the dynamic server list that the server and plug-in maintain. WebLogic Server and the plug-in work together to update the server list automatically with new, failed, and recovered cluster members.

You can disable the use of the dynamic cluster list by setting the DynamicServerList parameter to OFF.

The plug-in directs HTTP requests containing a cookie, URL-encoded session, or a session stored in the POST data to the server in the cluster that originally created the cookie.


(Required when proxying to a single WebLogic Server.)


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