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This is a general list of issues to check when troubleshooting problems with proxying databases. You should try each suggestion in order, and after making each change, perform the Retest Procedure.

Retest Procedure

After making each of the changes suggested below, you will need to retest. Each time you retest, you should:

  1. Close all browser windows
  2. Relaunch your browser
  3. Clear your browser cache
  4. Connect to the database and retest

0. First place to look: messages.txt

If EZproxy is noticing any issues, it will record error messages to the messages.txt file. If anything is wrong, the first place you should check is toward the end of this file. If you are able to log into EZproxy, you should be able to use the information at EZproxy Administration to create an administrative account and log into your EZproxy administration page where there are options to view this file. If you cannot access the administration page, you can view this file with a text editor or on Linux and Solaris with the tail command.


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