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If you’ve been searching for an Australia proxy server, search no more. Proxy Server Pro offers a proxy in Sydney to serve all your security needs. Internet usage in Australia dates back to 1989, when universities began sharing research via AARNet. Since then, government initiatives like the National Broadband Network and the Australian Broadband Guarantee have expanded internet access to reach nearly every household in the country. With so many Australians connected to the web, security has more of a concern than ever, and many are turning to proxy servers for help.

A proxy server is a remote computer that forwards internet traffic from you to the websites you want to visit. Proxies are useful when trying to sidestep firewall rules that block certain sites, but they can also be used to hide your identity from the logs websites keep.

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Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, or anywhere else in Australia, Proxy Server Pro has you covered. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN (virtual private network), which means that it encrypts your data in addition to making you anonymous. More people using the internet means a higher risk of identity and password theft–Proxy Server Pro allows you to connect anywhere, anytime.

Our proxy server is located in Sydney, so your data never travels farther than it has to. Whether you’re streaming movies or just checking your email on a public WiFi connection, Proxy Server Pro lets you access the internet securely, and at the same broadband speeds you’re used to at home. Safety and speed are important to anyone who wants to browse the web, and with Proxy Server Pro you can have both!


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