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VPN vs. Proxy for Bittorrent
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Features of a Proxy:

  • Encrypts 1 program or protocol (Bittorrent Client)
  • Connects through an anonymous IP address
  • Limited server location choices
  • Does not have its own software
  • Usually less encryption than a VPN (usually none)
  • Usually cheaper than a VPN
  • Faster than a VPN

Anonymous Bittorrent Using a Proxy

While most people come to this website looking for a VPN, many find that a proxy is a better option. A proxy has many of the same benefits as a VPN when trying to remain anonymous while using utorrent/bittorrent.
  • The IP address your peers see will not yours. Your IP will be anonymous
  • The proxy connection allows encryption to prevent throttling/snooping by your ISP
  • The proxy providers we recommend do not keep any connection logs

A torrent proxy has several distinct advantages over a vpn
  • It is cheaper than VPN service from the same country
  • Download speeds will be faster (due to lower encryption)
  • You can browse the internet/etc through your own connection, not the proxy
  • Connection drops will not expose your true IP to the swarm
This last point deserves an explanation. In the event that a VPN disconnects, every program that is currently accessing the internet will switch to using your true IP address, and you will no longer be anonymous. Many VPN's we recommend have built in features to prevent this (such as Private Internet Accesses VPN Kill-Switch). There are also 3rd party free programs to protect you from this.

With a Proxy, no such software is needed. Because your Bittorrent client will be set up to access the internet only by connecting through the proxy server, if the server fails your Bittorrent client will not expose your true IP address because it cannot access the internet without going through the proxy.

There are multiple proxy protocols, but you should always use a SOCKS5 proxy for torrents (not an HTTP proxy like those commonly available on free proxy lists). Learn why a SOCKS5 proxy is better for torrents.

What is the best Anonymous Proxy for Bittorrent

There are two excellent providers of secure anonymous proxy service for Bittorrent use. They both have extremely similar features: They don't keep any logs, they don't throttle your connection, they accept payment by Bitcoin, and they both allow p2p use. They also have easy setup guides (and even pre-configured utorrent clients) for easy setup.

The two best Bittorrent proxies are:

If you're not sure which one to choose, read our article: Torguard vs. BTguard

Several of the best anonymous VPN services actually include a Free Proxy Service at no extra charge.

VPN Services with Free Proxy Included: (Works with uTorrent and all major Bittorrent Clients)

Using a VPN for Anonymous BIttorrent

VPN's also have distinct advantages of their own when used for torrents:
  • Installation and setup is as easy as installing the VPN software
  • Encrypts your entire connection including web browsing
  • Higher grade encryption (but slightly slower)
  • Software may offer advanced features not available with a proxy
The largest difference between a VPN and a proxy is that a VPN routes your entire internet connection through the VPN server, not just your Bittorrent client. Many users find this useful because it means that their visits to torrent tracker sites like TPB will be anonymous too. The downside is you have to close your VPN connection if you wish to access the internet through your true IP.

A VPN usually features higher grade encryption than a proxy which doesn't matter as much for torrent use, but is very helpful for preventing connection snooping or securing your connection on public networks.

VPN service costs around 25-30% more than comparable proxy service, and will be slightly slower.

VPN setup is as easy as installing the vpn client software, entering your login details, and clicking 'connect.' Many VPN's also have extra functionality like:

  • Multiple server locations
  • Choice of protocol (OpenVPN, PPTP, IPsec)
  • Encryption Level
  • Extra Features (VPN's may offer extra functionality, though much of it is used to plug security leaks that proxies don't have
Read our list of the

Which should you choose for Torrents: Proxy or VPN?

The safest answer is Both:
Did you know that you can use both a VPN and anonymous proxy simultaneously? This allows you to place one anonymous encrypted tunnel inside a second anonymous encrypted tunnel, making sure your internet and torrent use stays 100% anonymous.

If you don't need that level of protection or don't want to spend the extra $5/ month, here's an easy way to decide:

Choose a VPN if...
  • You need your entire internet connection to be anonymous
  • You want higher encryption
  • You want more server/location choices
  • You want to encrypt your smartphone's internet
Choose an Anonymous Torrent Proxy if...
  • You only need BitTorrent to be anonymous
  • You want to save some $$$
  • You want slightly faster speeds
  • You don't want to worry about dropped connections
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Thanks for reading and good luck finding the VPN/Proxy...


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