Polish proxy server

How to set your browser to use a proxy:
A Polish Proxy Server

The public proxy servers in our Polish Proxy list are chosen based on the IP location data associated with the IP address of proxy servers located in Poland, central European Union. You can visit our other sites to view custom sorted UK proxy servers or US proxy servers. Each IP address is confirmed to be in Poland by its GeoLocation information obtained from its IP address. You can further narrow down the pre-selected Polish proxies displayed below by using the self-explanatory selection box below. For example, checking only the "Speed High" box will result in a list with only high speed proxies from Poland. Increasing the number of selection rules will generally result in a smaller list returned by the selection software, but our public Polish proxy server database is sufficiently large so that you will always have lots of Polish proxies to choose from, no matter how narrow your proxy selection rules are.

Source: www.idcloak.com

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