NTLM Authorization proxy server

NTLM Authorization Proxy Server
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Release Notes: This release fixes a minor bug with Python 1.5.2 compatibility.

Release Notes: A regression introduced in that prevented www mode from working correctly was fixed. Some of the packaging directives for the .rpm were updated to preserve the config file. The displayed copyright string was updated.

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression in SSL connections introduced in and makes CONNECT style connections work properly. It also changes some socket options to allow the proxy to be immediately restarted after stopping without waiting for previous TCP connections to time out.

Release Notes: This release adds several contributed patches which add enhancements to the proxy-bypass mode, including support for CONNECT semantics and enhanced internal host discovery. Improvements have been made to the various packaging formats, including a "supported" release of a win32 installer.

Release Notes: This release adds several major enhancements. These include a new default User-Agent string to imitate IE6 on WinXP, support for authenticating to a list of Intranet hosts at the same time as doing upstream proxying, support for '#' character in passwords, support for hostnames in the FRIENDLY_IPS list, the addition of files to help downstream packagers for Win32 and RPM-based systems, and more bugfixes and miscellaneous cleanups. This release also adds new options to server.cfg.

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