List of Anonymous proxy Servers

List of Anonymous Proxy Servers & Ports

A proxy server acts on behalf of other computers.A proxy server acts on behalf of other computers.

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When you use a proxy server, you are hiding your IP address behind the address of the proxy server, so the computer that you are connected to sees only the proxy server's address. There are many reasons to do this - you may need the extra layer of security when dealing with sensitive networks, or you might want to hide your identity from business competitors.

Types of Proxy Servers

Proxy servers use one of four types of protocols. SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP and HTTPS. In general it is easy enough to tell which type of server is which because an HTTP or HTTPS server is called exactly that. However, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 servers may simply be referred to as “SOCKS.” Ascertain which type of server you are connecting to and which kind your program is designed to work with. Programs set to work with HTTP proxy servers won't connect to a SOCKS5 proxy server, for example.

Anonymous Proxy Servers

When you connect to a remote computer you are tracked. The remote computer identifies you by your IP address and saves that information within its own log files. Using a proxy, the remote computer acquires only the IP address of the proxy. However, the proxy itself will have a log containing your IP address. Some proxy servers keep no logs. In this case, by connecting to a remote computer through that proxy, your actions are anonymous.

Why Use an Anonymous Proxy Server?

Some people use anonymous proxy servers out of a concern for privacy, but there are also many legitimate business reasons to use them. Companies often use anonymous proxies to browse competitors' sites so that the competition does not know they are being spied on. Security experts use anonymous proxies to hack sites for research purposes.

Where to Find Anonymous Proxy Servers

There are many websites that offer constantly updated lists of anonymous proxy servers. ProxyNova has a continually updated anonymous proxy list that includes information on when the proxy was last checked and an indicator of its speed. FreeProxyList gives you a list of both anonymous and nonanonymous proxies. It also includes an indication of speed as well as the uptime of the proxy server. If you are willing to pay for privacy, Hide My Ass offers a paid dedicated anonymous proxy server, as well as anonymous email and privacy software.


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