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If you’re using the internet in Japan, Proxy Server Pro is here to help you protect your data and browse the full, open internet with total security and privacy. Japan is home to more than 115 million internet users, or more than 91% of its population.

It ranks fifth in the world in terms of total internet users. Although its population only accounts for 1.7% of that of the world, its internet users make up 3.4% of the world’s population connected to the web. The internet’s role in Japanese life is huge, and so is need for the best security tools available. Proxy Server Pro is that tool.

Proxy servers are used by many to hide their identities online. A proxy works by forwarding your internet traffic to a website, so that the website sees the proxy server’s IP address rather than yours. This allows you to browse the internet without worry about being tracked. But whether you’re connected in Yokohama, Osaka, or anywhere else in Japan, proxy servers are only a partial solution.

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Using our server located in Tokyo, Japan, Proxy Server Pro offers the next level in privacy and protection. Our infrastructure offers speeds up to ten times faster than a standard web proxy. Proxy Server Pro is also a VPN, so you get all the benefits of a proxy server, plus multiple connections and encryption on every piece of data you send.

Whether you’re checking Facebook, shopping online, or streaming video, Proxy Server Pro allows you to connect securely on any network–even public WiFi–so nobody will know what you’re doing. Millions of people in Japan are connected to the internet, and you never know who might be watching. With Proxy Server Pro, you can browse with total privacy and know that your information is secure!

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