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Run the integrated mass deployment (IMD) command
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Install inSync Client on devices in your non-AD/LDAP environment using this command. The command is different for Mac and Windows systems and must be run for each device specified in the device map .csv file. Keep the mass deployment token (generated earlier) handy when you run the command.

For Mac devices:
  1. Install inSync Client on all the Mac devices specified in the device map .csv using the deployment tool of your environment. If inSync Client is not installed on the device, the mass deployment command errors out and does not activate inSync Client on the device.
  2. Run the following command on Mac devices.

/Applications/Druva\ inSync/inSync.app/Contents/MacOS/inSync -tokenv3 -master ":"

For example:

/Applications/Druva\ inSync/inSync.app/Contents/MacOS/inSync -tokenv3 "11-123this0is0a0sample0token0123" -master "cloud.druva.com:443"

If you have a proxy server configured in your environment, run the following command:

/Applications/Druva\ inSync/inSync.app/Contents/MacOS/inSync -tokenv3 -master ":" -proxy-type -proxy-server ":

" -system-proxy "1"

/Applications/Druva\ inSync/inSync.app/Contents/MacOS/inSync -tokenv3 "11-123this0is0a0sample0token0123" -master "cloud.druva.com:443" -proxy-type "socks5" -proxy-server "" -system-proxy "1"

For Windows devices:

Run the following command for Windows devices:

msiexec /qn /i "


msiexec /qn /i "\\sharelocation\inSync.msi" TOKENV3="11-123this0is0a0sample0token0123" SERVERLIST="cloud.druva.com:443"

Source: docs.druva.com

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