Internet proxy server

Configuring the Internet Proxy Server Settings – ClickView

This article explains how to configure the ClickView Publisher to access the internet via your school's internet proxy server.

1. Open the ClickView Publisher. Click on Tools from the top menu and choose Options.

2. Within Options, locate the Network tab and click on it.

3. Check the Access the internet using an HTTP proxy server box. This will enable the other elements on the window.

4. Fill in the Address and Port settings.

Continue by pressing the Test Proxy Connection button.

Note: If you don't know what your proxy settings are please ask your network administrator for assistance.

If you have typed in the correct settings, you will receive the following message:

Press OK to confirm the changes and close the configuration.

Note: Some proxies may require User Authentication.

If you receive a message requiring user authentication, please tick the Requires User Authentication box; enter the respective details in and click on the Test box to ensure they work successfully. If you are not sure what the details are, please consult your IT department.


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