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How to Access Hotmail Via Proxy

Using a proxy site to access Hotymail is a simple, quick task.Proxies are used by corporations, residences and educational institutions like colleges and libraries to prevent Web users from accessing specific websites. Generally, restricted web pages contain inadequate content, utilize extreme amounts of bandwidth or receive excessive traffic. Websites like Hotmail also become blocked by network administrators setting up Internet restrictions. However, if you need to access Hotmail, you can use one of the proxy sites online. These websites allow you to bypass Internet restrictions.

Access Hotmail With Proxify

Go to the Proxify web page.Proxify provides users with secured and anonymous access to prohibited websites that have been blocked by filters, firewalls and proxy blocks.

Type the Hotmail URL into the text box saying "Start surfing anonymously by entering a URL (Web address) below."

Select the "Proxify" tab by clicking on it and Proxy will redirect you to Hotmail's official website.

Access Hotmail With FastWall

Go to the official FastWall website. Fastwall is a secure and free web service that gives you anonymous access to restricted sites like Hotmail.

Click the yellow link saying "start browse here, " which is located in the center of the screen. Once you click the "start browse here" link, a text box will appear where the link was. Enter the Hotmail URL inside that text box.

Select the "Go!" tab, which is found beside the text box, and FastWall will display the Hotmail website.

Access Hotmail With HideInMe

Visit the HideInMe web page. HideInMe gives Web surfers the ability to access blocked sites like Hotmail.

Type Hotmail's URL address into the large blue text box displayed at the very bottom of the screen.

Select the "Go" tab, which is shown with a large arrow and found on the right side of the text box. HideInMe will then bypass any browsing restrictions and take you directly to the official Hotmail website.


  • check To obtain a fast listing of current proxy Web pages, TopBits and Best Proxy Sites are two websites that provide a variety of active proxy websites.


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