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If you’re looking for a proxy server in Hong Kong, Proxy Server Pro is the only tool you need to protect yourself. Hong Kong has over 5 million internet users, or almost three quarters of its population, making it one of the most connected nations on Earth. About two thirds of Hong Kong internet users shop online, and they spend an average of two hours per day on social media sites alone.

Hong Kong is also well-known for having among the top average connection speeds in the world. With the internet having taken such a big place in everyday life in Hong Kong, there has never been a greater need to protect yourself online.

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A proxy server is a good place to start for privacy. Proxy servers allow you to connect to websites through an intermediate server so that websites don’t know your identity. By using a proxy server, you can make yourself anonymous online. However, this only hides who you are, not what you’re doing. If you really want to protect yourself as an internet user in Hong Kong, Proxy Server Pro is the tool you need.

Using our server in Hong Kong, Proxy Server Pro allows you to send data securely and safely on any network. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, which means that your identity is hidden and any data you send is encrypted so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. With Proxy Server Pro, you can shop and watch videos using public WiFi, or at school or work, and no one will be able to see what you’re doing.

Because our server is located in Hong Kong, your data doesn’t travel farther than it needs to, so you can browse the internet at speeds up to ten times greater than a free proxy. And best of all, it’s easy. With Proxy Server Pro, just turn it on, and enjoy all the internet has to offer without worrying about your privacy.

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