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Service Update: All US and UK Servers Getting Ultra Fast

Regular NordVPN users are familiar with the different segments of the server list, optimized for different purposes. They can choose from Double VPN, P2P, Anti DDoS and other categories, including Ultra Fast TV servers located in the US and UK and specifically optimized for streaming.

The good news is that the Ultra Fast TV servers will no longer be available as a separate category. That’s because all NordVPN servers in the US and UK are now being optimized for streaming! All of our servers will now be able to handle more users, provide better speed and stability while maintaining our top level security practices.

This is just one of the series of improvements we’ve been implementing to enhance the streaming experience with NordVPN. Another big one is the default SmartPlay option, which now allows accessing 360+ streaming services all around the world!

With SmartPlay, you can enjoy entertainment and media content while being fully protected with military-grade encryption – no matter where you are. As SmartPlay is enabled by default in all NordVPN apps, there is nothing extra to install, activate or adjust. Simply connect to one of NordVPN’s servers, choose your favorite streaming service and enjoy!


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