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Elite http proxy port 8080

So, what is a proxy server and why do you need it? Let’s study this question together.

A proxy server is a computer or a program that redirects your requests through itself. Finally you get a result that is an intermediary between you and the server where information is located.

Why do you need a proxy?

Imagine that you wear a mask. You can see, hear and speak but nobody will recognize you behind the mask. This mask hides your personality. A proxy server works in the same way – it is a mask and you are behind it. If you are not allowed to enter a party, after putting on the mask you can get there. The guardians will not be able to identify you.

Let’s suppose that you want to visit a website blocked in your country. You can face this problem while watching videos on YouTube where owner disallowed views for certain countries. To solve this problem you will need a proxy server located in the country where those limits do not exist.

There are different proxy functions - traffic filtration, caching, web work logging and others - but we will not discuss them on this website.

Proxy classification

Let’s talk more about proxy. Let’s find out how they are classified and what proxy it is better to use.

level of privacy, proxy servers can be:

  • transparent – hides real client IP address,
  • anonymous - hides real client IP address but shows that proxy is being used,
  • elite - hides real client IP address and does not show that proxy is being used.

By requesting data via anonymous and élite proxy you hide your real IP address. It will help your to bypass the limits in case of your real IP being blocked.

A proxy can be:

  • HTTP proxy - supports HTTP protocol and allows to visit http:// websites,
  • HTTPS/SSL proxy - supports secure HTTPS protocol and allows to visit https:// websites,
  • SOCKS proxy – unlike HTTP/HTTPS proxy-servers, SOCKS transmits all the data from the client without adding anything itself.

List of proxy servers

We create the list of proxy only from anonymous and elite ones. The list is renewed every 5 minutes. The list is also available in json format.

Source: hidemy.life

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