Different types of proxy Servers

Four Common Types Of Proxy Servers
Four Common Types Of Proxy Servers - StarterPad

Before you buy a cheap proxy, you need to consider what type of fast shared proxy or private proxy you want to use. The four most common types of proxy servers that are used are anonymous proxy servers, transparent proxy servers, high anonymity proxy servers and distorting proxy servers. Each of these different types of proxy servers serve their own unique purpose and the type you choose to use will depend on your individual circumstances and needs.

The first type to consider is transparent proxies. These proxy servers aren’t typically used for security purposes since they don’t hide your IP address nor do they hide the fact that they are proxy servers. They are mainly used to get around IP bans and to cache websites for faster internet.

The transparent proxy server is mainly recommended for home use if you don’t have any particular reason to worry about security. What it is great for is to cut down on data costs and to speed up your internet since they make use of caches which helps to load pages you visit often faster and without using as much bandwidth.

If you have some concern about security and want your IP to be hidden, you can use the anonymous proxy server instead. It has all the qualities of the transparent proxy server mentioned above, but it will also hide your IP address and make it hard for anyone to discern your IP address. This is the best option for home use if you’re just a casual internet browser, since it will protect your IP effectively against most hackers without costing too much.

Fast shared or private proxy can protect your IP even further if you use a distorting proxy server. This server will also speed up your internet and save on data costs by caching websites as well. The difference between a distorting proxy server and an anonymous proxy server is that it takes protecting your IP address one step further by generating a random false IP address that will mask your real IP address. If you want that added security, then buy a cheap proxy that falls under distorting proxy servers. This is one of the best ways to hide your IP since it will be very hard for anyone to detect that you’re using a proxy server in the first place and even harder for them to detect that you are using a fake IP address to shield your real IP address.

Whether you want to buy a cheap proxy, a fast shared proxy or a private proxy, you won’t find any type of proxy server better for security purposes than high anonymity proxy servers. This server won’t be detected as a proxy server and it will make your IP address completely unavailable and inaccessible in any way. This is the best proxy server to be using for security purposes, especially in a business setting where you’ll be the target of hackers trying to access your data.

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