Bypass server proxy

How do I bypass a proxy for Bitbucket Server
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For troubleshooting purposes, it may be required to bypass a proxy by using an additional port to access Bitbucket Server.

This is required when you want to make sure that the problem you are experiencing is not related to a proxy misconfiguration (i.e. git cloning, browsing through specific pages, etc. ).

If you are trying to bypass proxy(ies) in order to create AppLinks that are failing because you suspect that the proxies could be causing this, a more complete set of instructions can be found on:


  • Stop Bitbucket Server
  • Add the following lines in $BITBUCKET_HOME/shared/server.xml:
  • Start Bitbucket Server
  • Log in using
  • Try to reproduce the problem

  • If the problem cannot be reproduced, it is related to the proxy configuration

  • If you can still reproduce the problem, it is not related to the proxy configuration
  • Bitbucket Server 5.0

    As of Bitbucket Server 5.0, you can't configure any Tomcat connectors directly as the application runs on Spring Boot.

    The usual server.xml configuration has been replaced by properties that need to be configured on /shared/ Similarly, you can't configure web.xml.

  • Add the following lines in $BITBUCKET_HOME/shared/


  • Try to reproduce the problem


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