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Internet is all about openness and one is allowed to do whatever he wants without having any restrictions. What internet has done good for the world is, it has provided opportunities to the people for exploring out big things, inventions have taken place, discoveries have been made, innovation has seen a whole new level and a lot more that can’t be ignored. Now there are several countries that have blocked access to many websites, like some have restricted Youtube, some have restricted Google, some have restricted Facebook and many more that actually puts one in thoughts that what to do now?

Well, everything has different aspects and it depends on the person how does he/she utilizes the sources and how does he/she uses the internet. We do know that sites like Youtube, Google and other similar ones are a lot of help that add extra to our knowledge and can be life savior in many cases. While you may be facing such restriction by your country or specifically by your ISPs and you’re worried as the things aren’t working for you and also you’re an Android device owner and surf the internet mostly on your phone then you may stop worrying now as we already have remedy to your worry with a list of best and free working Proxy Apps for Android.

Before we have a look on the list, it’s important to know about Proxies first. Basically it means to appear as someone else and in Internet terms it means to change your IP address and connect to the web through another IP(Internet Protocol) address. This access all the blocked sites easily through the new IP you’re connected from and hence results in avoiding all the restrictions implemented on your end. You can change the IP address manually, as well as these Proxy applications help you to change it automatically to a working IP address.

Let’s start with the most popular Proxy App, Hotspot Shield VPN:

The most popular VPN application for computers, available for Android as well. Hotspot Shield can be found on majority of the devices, the only reason is it’s flexibility. Hotpsot Shield unblocks any blocked sites once turned on and also allows the users to access blocked social messaging apps. It protects your identity over the web as well that helps to keep the privacy at maximum secure level. Also, Hotspot Shield has been recommended by experts. The app comes in two variants, Free and Pro one. Freeware may contain ads and some limited features while Pro is ad free and contains some nice features. You can and start surfing the web anonymously.



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