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When you see the dreaded “blocked” message on your school or work computer, one of the first things you probably do is start looking for a proxy server. You may have done some research on how to choose a proxy server that’s right for you, and maybe you’ve even tried a few different options before arriving here. Many users find that a US proxy server is a good option for them, because proxy servers in America have a few advantages over those in other countries.

The USA has virtually no restrictions on internet traffic, and there are no national firewalls, and many of the most popular websites, such as Google, Youtube, and Facebook, have servers in the US. Plus if you’re living in the USA, an American-based proxy will give you better speeds than one located elsewhere. So if you’re on the hunt for a free US proxy server – look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

Why Use a US Proxy Server?

Proxy servers are commonly used to unblock websites on a restricted network, working as an intermediate that forwards requests from your computer to the servers that run the websites you want to access. However, not all proxy servers are created equal. Location is key in choosing a proxy server that’s right for you. If you choose a proxy in a country where certain websites are blocked by national firewalls, those sites will remain blocked by the proxy because even proxy servers are subject to a certain set of network rules. Fortunately, US proxy servers are able to eliminate this problem because there are no national restrictions.

Another reason many people choose proxy servers in America is because of their proximity to the end servers they want to access. If you want to access a website that’s hosted in the USA, then it’s only natural to use an American proxy to reduce network latency as much as possible while you browse. You also want to consider the proxy’s server location in relation to your computer. If you live in the US, it would make little sense to choose a proxy server in Europe, since your data would have to cross the ocean twice before the sites you want to visit are delivered back to you.

If you’ve done your homework and decided a US proxy server is right for you, you’re in luck! Our free proxy server is located in New York City, and is available to start helping you unblock websites today.

Why Go Pro?

Free proxy servers are great for many things, but they’re not the best solution for everyone. That’s where Proxy Server Pro comes in. It uses the power of a VPN, or virtual private network, to increase speeds by up to ten times when compared to many other free web proxies around the web.

Our service can handle multiple connections at once with no broken pages, and if you’re worried about your personal security, look no further. Proxy Server Pro uses military-grade encryption, so your passwords and credit card numbers are secure whether you’re at school or your favorite coffee shop. Best of all, Proxy Server Pro offers a choice of 13 separate locations dotted all around the US, whichever suits you and your speeds best.

Whether you’re shopping online in Silicon Valley or checking email from the beach in Miami, we’ve got a proxy server that’s close to you. So the next time you need a secure, anonymous connection to your favorite website, remember that Proxy Server Pro has you covered on all fronts.


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