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DDProxy : Free Proxy Server Application


DDProxy is a simple to use HTTP 1.0/Socks 4 proxy application with the following features:

  • Easily share an internet connection with other PCs
  • Route "local" and "international" traffic through different proxies or connect directly

    Suppose you have access to a local proxy (such as openweb) once you're capped. You can set ddproxy up to only direct "international" traffic through this proxy thus speeding up access to local websites.

  • You can specify different proxies for http/ssl and other traffic
  • Can block ad and malware sites (or any other user configurable sites)
  • Supports "tunnels" that allow you to map local ports to other remote hosts and ports.

    This would allow you to connect to your "international" pop mailbox through your proxy. (Note that your proxy must support the "Connect" method for this to work)

  • Supports basic and detailed logging of all traffic that flows through the proxy

I plan to write some more documentation regarding this program if there's enough demand for it. If you'd like to help with documentation please contact me. Please report any bugs/suggestions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

What's new in v0.05?

  • Now also functions as a SOCKS 4 proxy (on the same port as the HTTP proxy)

What's new in v0.04?

  • Added new option "Consider unknown hosts "international" until DNS result is returned"

    You should enable this option if you've had problems with DDProxy hanging or not responding. What it means is that when DDProxy comes across an unknown host it will not wait for the DNS to resolve (which can take a long time or possibly never respond) before routing the traffic - it will instead assume it's international until the DNS result is returned. This should prevent any possible "hangs".


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