How to Find proxy server Settings?

How to Find My Proxy Server
Find Proxy Server Settings

For many types of work and school Internet connections, a proxy server is used when you get online. This is used for increased security, because it is the proxy server, not your own computer, that sends your connection requests to the Internet. Proxy servers also prevent computers on a network from visiting unauthorized sites. Examine your computer's Internet Options to find the address of the proxy server your computer is using.

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Click "Start, " then "Control Panel."

Double-click "Internet Options." If you do not see this option, click "Classic View" in Windows XP and Vista or "View by: Small icons" in Windows 7.

Click the "Connections" tab, then the "LAN Settings" button. The address and port number for the proxy server used by your computer are shown in this window.

Click the "Advanced" button. If different proxy servers are used for different protocols such as HTTP and FTP (this is not common), they are shown here.


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