Check proxy server Settings

How do I Check Proxy Server Settings? (MAC)
How to Tell Whether Your Windows PC is Using a Proxy Server

Having a Proxy server setup in your web browser may cause a problem with your Internet connection. Example: You could be connected to the Internet but you are unable to browse the web. If you are on campus, you should not need to have a Proxy setup in your web browser for Campus Resources, like the Marriot Library's Electronic Journals.
Internet Explorer 6 for Windows
Launch the browser and go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings button. The Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window will open. Make sure that there are no boxes selected. Click OK to save any changes and to close the window. Click OK on the Internet Options main window.
Netscape 7.1 for Windows
Launch the browser. From the browser menu select Edit > Preferences > Advanced from the Category menu. Click the drop down arrow and choose Proxies. Make sure that the Direct connection to the Internet radial button is selected. Click the OK button to save any changes and to close the Preferences window.
Mac OS X
Go to System Preferences > Network > Proxies tab. Make sure that the Secure Web Proxy and Web Proxy (HTTP) boxes are unchecked. Click Apply Now to save any changes. Close the System Preferences window.
Mac OS 9.2
To check if you have a proxy setup go the Apple Menu > Control Panels > Internet. The Internet Window will open, select the Advanced Tab then select Firewalls. Make sure that there are no proxy servers setup and the box is not checked in Web Proxy under the Use Proxy Servers.


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