Linux socks5 proxy server

Configuring a SOCKS Proxy for Microsoft Azure
Proxy Using SSH Tunnel - SysTutorials By default, Google Chrome uses system-wide proxy settings on a per-profile basis. To start Chrome without these settings, use the command line and specify the following:
  • The SOCKS proxy port ; this must be the same port you used when starting the proxy.

  • The profile ; this example creates a new profile.

This create a new profile and launches a new instance of Chrome that does not conflict with any currently running Chrome instance.


/usr/bin/google-chrome \
-user-data-dir="$HOME/chrome-with-proxy" \

Mac OS X

"/Applications/Google Chrome" \
-user-data-dir="$HOME/chrome-with-proxy" \

Microsoft Windows

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" ^
-user-data-dir="%USERPROFILE%\chrome-with-proxy" ^

In this Chrome session, you can connect to any Cloudera Director–accessible host using the private IP address or internal FQDN. For example, if you proxy to the Cloudera Director server,
you can connect to Cloudera Director as if it were local by entering localhost:7189 in the Chrome URL bar.


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