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A proxy server is a server program which allows clients to contact it and make indirect network connections to network services such as web-servers.

In bullet summary

A typical proxy is used like this:

  • Your web browser connects to a proxy,
  • the proxy hands the request to a server,
  • the proxy feeds the information acquired from the server back to the web browser.

This can be good because:

  • The server thinks it's the proxy who's making the original request (unless the proxy forwards information which reveals who is making the request)
  • Caching Proxy servers store requested web-pages, images, and so on for later use, which saves bandwidth. Web-browsers also do caching, but are limited to one browser. Caching proxies are very useful in environments where 20-30 share a proxy. Small and fast caching proxies like Polipo can be very useful for personal use if you normally use 2-3 different web-browsers (or just different profiles in the same web-browser).
  • Filtering proxies like Privoxy remove advertisement, evil JavaScript, and so on. Such proxies can make your web-experience more enjoyable.

Filtering proxies

Filtering proxies alter the client's request or the server's response.

The best filtering proxy today is much likely Privoxy. It removes advertisements, JavaScript and a whole lot of junk.

Caching proxies

Polipo [1] is the best light-weight proxy available today. It's small and cute and uses little or no resources (apart from storage-space). This is a proxy every GNU/Linux user should consider.

Squid is the most commonly used proxy today and it is excellent for huge corporations who are willing to dedicate a computer just for doing proxy-services. Polipo is designed to be small and cute, Squid is designed to run on a dedicated box.


You can use a combination of proxies. The proxy your web-browser contacts can contact an upstream proxy. Example: Firefox -> Polipo -> Privoxy.

Open Proxies

Open proxies are proxies who allow anyone to connect to them. Most proxies are private and are protected by a firewall or require a user-name and password. Open Proxies, on the other hand, can be used by everyone and anyone. This is extremely good for everyone.


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