Google Chrome proxy server

I have an "unable to connect proxy server" error in Google Chrome browser when I open any web page


If it is possible to do stop running background apps.Chrome always runs on the background and running apps take speed and RAM of the system. If you’re on Windows, you’ll see a little Chrome icon in your system tray —

It also means that Chrome will continue having an impact on your system’s battery while it’s running in the background. To really close Chrome, you could right-click the Chrome icon and select Exit Chrome.For more details go below with—

Remove Browser Extensions


Browser extensions extend your web browser with additional features, modify web pages, and integrate your browser with the other can’t be said enough — will slow down your browser, make it take up more memory, and drain system resources. On Chrome, you can see some of the impact browser extensions have by clicking the menu icon, pointing to More tools, and selecting Task Manager. Items beginning with “Extension:” are browser extensions Chrome is running.

For example, here we can see the official Google Hangouts extension is using over 100 MB of RAM. Not only that — it’s consistently using 1 to 2 percent of the computer’s CPU, so it’s unnecessarily draining battery power as well. Uninstalling an extension like this one is a good idea, unless you really do need it.

Not every browser extension will appear in this list. Some extensions don’t run as their own processes as well. Instead, they include scripts that run when you load web pages to provide their features. Running additional scripts on every web page you load will take more CPU and thus drain your battery more.

Visit your extensions page by clicking the menu button, selecting More tools, and clicking Extensions. Uninstall extensions to make Chrome more lightweight, paying particular attention to any extensions clearly hogging resources in the task manager.

Eliminate Background Pages

If you check your Chrome Task Manager, you may see something called a “Background Page.” This is different from an extension or app. Here, we see that there’s a “Background Page: Google Drive” process consuming memory and using a bit of CPU resources.

The Google Drive background page is caused by This spawns a background page that stays running, even when you have all Google Drive tabs closed. The background process is responsible for syncing your offline cache with Google Drive.

If you don’t actually use the offline documents feature and would rather put Chrome on a diet, you can visit the. go into the Settings screen, and uncheck the Offline option. The background page will vanish, but you won’t have access to your Google Drive documents offline.

Enable Click to Play Plugins

Most web browsers load Flash and other plug-in content as soon as you open a web page. Enable “click-to-play” plug-ins.

Be sure to Chrome, too. This will prevent Adobe Flash and other plug-ins from starting up and running in the background. Your battery won’t be killed because heavy Flash advertisements are running in the background — only Flash content you specifically allow will be able to run. The same goes for other plug-ins.


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