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How to fix HTTPoxy vulnerability in cPanel, Plesk or other Linux
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On 18th July, our security team was alerted to a series of vulnerabilities called . It allows attackers to steal data from CGI enabled web servers.

[ Update 21st July – cPanel released patches for Apache. ]

What is HTTPoxy?

HTTPoxy is a vulnerability with CGI environments, that allows an attacker to re-direct web traffic through an arbitrary proxy server. Here’s how it works:

Some web applications open outgoing HTTP connections, like fetching periodic weather data, posting data updates, etc. These connections are usually opened directly to the target servers.

However, a setting (aka variable) called “HTTP_PROXY” can be used to channel all outbound connections through a specific server. The HTTPoxy vulnerability allows attackers to remotely modify this setting to direct all traffic through a malicious proxy server.

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Are your servers vulnerable?

To test if your servers are vulnerable, create a file called test.cgi in the “cgi-bin” directory of any domain. Put the following content in it, and give it 755 permissions, and the right ownership.

#!/bin/sh echo "Content-Type:text/plain" echo echo "HTTP_PROXY='$HTTP_PROXY'"

Then access the script with a “Proxy:” header, like this:

curl -H ‘Proxy: AFFECTED’

If you see the output HTTP_PROXY=’AFFECTED’ then your server is vulnerable.

Is there an easier way to know?

A lot of web servers allow CGI applications with HTTP_PROXY headers. For eg. if you have a LAMP stack, chances are you’d be using Mod_PHP or PHP-FPM in its default config, which is to allow this header.

So, the rule of thumb is, if your server is CGI enabled, and is a default installation, consider your server vulnerable.

This is especially true if you are a web hosting provider. Control panels like cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. allow you to run PHP apps in CGI mode.

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