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Actual Marriage for Military Personnel Proxy Marriage in Montana

A Big Sky Event specializes in arranging legal Double Proxy Marriages where at least one of the parties is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States on federal active duty or a resident of Montana. A double proxy marriage is one where two proxies stand in for the absent parties. Neither the bride nor groom need be present. Montana is the only state which offers this service.

Proxy Marriage for Military Personnel

Marriage by proxy has been in existence for centuries. In the past proxy marriages were common among European Royalty when time was of the essence and it was impossible for the bride or the groom to attend in person. One of the more famous proxy marriages was in 1810, when Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte married Archduchess Marie Louise by proxy.

Our caring and knowledgeable staff at A Big Sky Event will work with you through all stages of your proxy or double proxy wedding with the personalized and special attention to detail you deserve.

History and Legalities


A proxy marriage is one where someone stands in for the other party. That is, either the bride or the groom is not physically present for the wedding. During the solemnization of the marriage, based upon a power of attorney, an agent (proxy) acts on behalf of one of the parties. In Montana if one person can not appear, he or she may appoint someone to stand in that place.

Double Proxy Marriage

Montana is the only state in the USA where you can get legally married without any travel or appearance before the civil authorities. Two people who are called designated proxies can stand in for the bride and the groom. Montana law requires at least one of the parties to be actively serving in the US Military. No travel or residency is required.

History of Proxy Marriages in Montana

The double proxy marriage law goes back to the 1860's when Montana was still a territory. Young men poured into the mining district around Butte hoping to make their fortunes. Montana enacted the double proxy law to enable these men to marry their out of state fiancées. This law has remained on the book since that time.Recognition of Proxy Marriages

A legal USA proxy marriage is recognized by every state except Iowa if it took place in a state where proxy marriages are legal. All branches of the Military recognize a legal proxy marriage.

According to US immigration law a legal proxy marriage is accepted in the US if it is subsequently consummated.

If you are planning on a proxy wedding, the best way to get started is to call our office at 406.249.2429. We will discuss your particular situation and then guide you through the entire process.


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