Proxy server refusing to connect

The proxy server in Firefox is refusing connections. How do I solve it?
How to Fix Unable to connect to the proxy server refusing

A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and other servers. When this proxy server is refusing connections error will appear that means Internet browser can not connect to a configured proxy server, therefor the internet user cannot access the internet using the browser. This error will appear on your Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser when you try to open any web page.

If the above error message displays when your internet service provider, router, modem, and WiFi are okay. Probably this problem caused by a wrong network setting for the web browser. If You have never changed the network setting ? This could be done by an adware, malware or any other harmful programs that you have on your computer.

Configure No proxy on Firefox Browser

This The proxy Server is Refusing connections Error Mostly display on Firefox Web browser. so making some changes on Firefox web Browser can fix this issue. Here fallow the instruction to fix this proxy server issue:

First Open Firefox web browser, and on the top-right side of your web browser, you will see “Open Menu” with 3 horizontal lines. Click it, then click “Options”.

On options You will see many different settings. Here click on “Advanced” then under Advanced, click “Network”.

Now, click “Settings” in connection box. You will now see proxy settings. Check “No proxy”. Click OK. Close your Firefox browser, and open it again. Mostly It will work. If you still having same issue fallow next tips.

Disable Proxy for LAN

If the above method didn’t work for you, then you can try disabling the proxy for LAN settings from the Internet settings. By default, Proxy should be disabled in windows. But, Third-party programs or malicious softwares can change it. So, You may need to disable it in your PC to get rid of unable to connect to the proxy server or The proxy Server is Refusing connections Error in browsers. To Do this Here Follow these steps.

First Open Control Panel and go to Network and Internet. Click and open Internet Options. This will open a new Internet Properties dialogue box.

Now Click O the Connections tab and click on LAN settings at the bottom. It will also open a new dialogue box. At the bottom find Proxy Server section and uncheck the box “Use the proxy server for your LAN . Also, check the box “Automatically detect settings”.


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