Proxy server Problems Internet Connection

Cannot login to, connect to the internet, share, or gives an error message on install
  • Jing states that it cannot connect to the Internet, login to or Share, or will not Go Pro.
  • Jing indicates it detects a Proxy or other Network Security that it cannot bypass.
  • When creating a account using Jing, some information is blank or missing, such as the Country List.
  • Clicking Sign Up or Sign In at first install does nothing.
  • Jing produces an error during Install or Upload such as, A transport method error occurred when calling: Screencast.Admin.User.Create or Screencast.Admin.Account.GetCountryList

This problem can occur if you have a Firewall or other Local Security Software blocking communication between Jing and the Internet, if you are concent to the Internet using a Proxy Server, or if you are not connected to the Internet.

Please review these items to help fix this issue

  • If you have a software Firewall on your computer, please try disabling it for testing, or add Jing.exeas an exception to your Firewall.
  • If you are behind a Network Firewall, contact your IT Department or Network Administrator to request Jing.exe be allowed to pass through the port configured for Internet traffic. While your Network Administrator should know which port to use, typically HTTP is set to port 8080.
  • For Local Security Software, please ensure that Jing.exe has been added as a safe application to that software's exception or white list. You may need to contact your security software's support resources for information on how to accomplish this.

If you are connecting through a Proxy Server, please see if you can bypass the Proxy or make sure that the following are allowed

  • *
  • *

To locate and enter these settings, please use the following steps

  1. Open Jing, hover over the Sun, and click More.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Click the Proxy settings... button under the Connection settings area.
  4. Switch to Manual configuration:

You can enter your Server Name, and if need be enter the Username and Password needed to connect to the Proxy Server.

Jing should now be able to connect to the Proxy Server and reach

Also you can try the following to authenicate Jing for network access, if the above sites are not blocked

  1. Enter your Proxy information into Internet Options in Internet Explorer on a PC or in Safari on a Mac.
  2. Close Jing and then navigate to an Internet site that normally asks for authentication through the Proxy. Once authenicated, launch Jing and try sharing again.

To bypass the Internet Options settings on a PC you can create a file called jing.exe.config in the install path (typically Program Files > TechSmith > Jing) containing the following:


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