Proxy server web Browser

Connect from off campus
How to set a proxy server in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Our license agreements for many electronic resources restrict off-campus access to current Stanford faculty, staff, students, and approved affiliates only. You must have a SUNet ID with access privileges to use SUL's restricted databases. If you have a sponsored SUNet ID or if you have recently changed your classification, you may not have access privileges. Contact your department administrators if your SUNet ID does not include access to library electronic resources.

Set up your computer for off-campus access

You must configure your web browser to use Stanford's authenticated proxy server when you are outside Stanford's main network so that you will be recognized as a licensed user. You will need to use this proxy server if you are using your home or a public Internet connection, a cellular connection, Stanford Visitor wi-fi, or eduroam wi-fi (even if you are on campus). Refer to the instructions for your web browser(s) in menu on the left.

Troubleshooting off-campus access problems


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