Proxy for Tor Browser

How do I adjust the proxy settings to allow Tor Browser to run?
Tor Browser for Windows - Online anonymity and censorship

Tor Browser keeps your online activities private. It disguises your identity and protects your web traffic from many forms of internet surveillance. Tor can also be used to

  • The ability to conceal your digital identity from the websites that you visit
  • The ability to conceal the websites you visit from Internet Service programmes
  • The ability to bypass internet censorship and filtering rules
  • Protection from insecure and potentially malicious websites through the HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript add-ons .

Tor Browser is an up-to-date, privacy-optimised version of Mozilla Firefox. It is free and open source software that enables online anonymity and censorship circumvention. Unlike other

  • provides online anonymity by hiding users' IP address
  • circumvents online censorship by enabling users to access blocked websites and/or webpages
  • does not include default online tracking features
  • does not make money out of users' data


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