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Ninja Proxy vs idcloak.Com–How to Mask IP Address & How to Unblock Sites
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The traditionally recognised best proxy websites are called upon for a variety of functions – generally in the field of how to mask IP address and how to unblock sites. (also and is one of these old-school USA proxy server websites, and it is considered by some to be one of the top ten web proxy sites – even spawning a number of copycat proxies that contain ninja in the title (e.g,, the ninjaproxy, etc.). Although well-functioning, Ninja Proxy has changed very little over the years and failed to take on new features that are necessary for any proxy to fulfill its tasks in the modern web-place. Gone are the days when a surf proxy needed little more than a simple URL box with one or two settings: a proxy now requires advanced user options to negotiate modern censorship, geotargeting and tracking technologies. New proxy sites, our own idcloak proxy included, have been developed with these needs in mind.

In order to demonstrate what the best proxy website should offer nowadays, let's lay down what a web surf proxy is used for and then compare the features offered by Ninja Proxy, as a representative of traditional web proxy sites, with idcloak's new proxy service (which you may findat the top of this page).

what is a proxy for?

In the most basic terms, a web surf proxy is little more than a bypass computer through which you may access the world wide web. It anonymizes your internet use, makes your connection appear to originate from an alternate location, and even encrypts all your internet browsing. With such a plethora of functions, it is really rather difficult for anyone to put together a definitive list of what all proxy sites are used for – really, your imagination is the limit. As a point of comparison, I am doing my best to put together a definitive list of things you can use a VPN for (VPN is based on a similar technology); and you can see how gargantuan that task is becoming: VPN gratuit advice on how to use a VPN: The definitive list.

Let's break the modern proxy's role into three main fields: how to mask IP address for anonymous internet surfing; how to unblock sites (i.e., bypassing internet censorship or geotargeting); and, most recently, how to secure your internet connection.


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