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This German proxy list contains recently tested open IP proxies located in privacy-conscious Germany. Our sizable collection of proxies are based in Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart and many other German cities. They are tested for speed and functionality at least once daily to ensure you do not waste your time configuring your browser only to find a proxy is inoperably slow or no longer active. IP port proxies are far superior to web proxies because they are not plagued by website compatibility problems that affect all web proxies. German proxies are difficult to source. This is mainly due to the copyright and cybercrime laws that are stiffly enforced in Germany. Violation of these laws occasionally results in the takedown of free German proxy servers. Consequently most German proxy lists are outdated shortly after they are published. To avoid applying dead proxies, check the proxy test results to make sure the chosen proxy was evaluated recently. Feel free to adjust the self-explanatory selection control below to display IP port proxies that more closely suit your needs. Also try our


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